NFT Player Map

What is the UFCstar NFT Players Card? UFCstar covers all ufc fighters of absolutely all divisions, and you can browse all fighter pages to see information about your favorite fighters. Each fighter can produce up to 10 NFT cards, All NFT cards support the BEP20 specification on the BSC. The game value of the players' cards Hold your cards and get a reward for mining events. Sell at a discount to the contract for the disposal of the system;. Become the first cardholder and receive constant income from transfers after the sale of cards.

How do I get player cards?

You can log in to our marketplace with playing cards, use UFCS tokens to buy playing cards.

I made a purchase. Where can I find my card?

After completing your purchase, you can visit the My Cards page to view your card information.


UFCTOKEN has released UFCT tokens as the only currency of circulation in the gaming environment. The UFCS supports the Binance BEP20 interface standard. Players use UFCS tokens to purchase NFT playing cards.

Who is the first owner?

Each NFT player card corresponds to a single owner and the ownership of the NFT token changes after each transfer transaction. Since every NFT card on the UFCstar platform is generated with a package, the address information of the lucky user, that is, the first “cardholder”, will be permanently written into the blockchain contract until the card is recycled and destroyed by the owner.

What if I can't pay?

If the trade fails, there may be the following reasons: Someone bought the card before you. Insufficient wallet assets: Payment fails when your wallet assets are less than the amount purchased for the cards. To avoid this, make sure that the assets in your wallet exceed the amount purchased with the star cards. Late Payments: When the blockchain network is congested, the payment can expire if it takes more than 60 minutes, and this can also happen if your gas charge is too low at the time of the transaction. You can reselect the card for purchase. I bought a player card, why is it not displayed on the My Cards page? A transaction on the blockchain can take tens of seconds or even minutes, but you have nothing to worry about, if the transaction is successful, the player's card will be yours and will be displayed in your card list.


Symbol: UFCT
Contract address:0x23d2e95006e160c54b0abe998fcaae0d11eff3a9
Total supply: 1 billion
Coinmarketcap :
Distribution of UFCT tokens
Marketing and promotion: 10%
Team: 10%
Initially unlocked after 1 year of blocking, 25% unlocked linearly every 6 months and everything unlocked after 3 years